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The Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) preserves the important history of the United States Air Force and its predecessors. Now you can search an on-line database of 550,000 historical records in the AFHRA holdings representing 70 million pages of interest to historians, researchers, Air Force buffs, really anyone and everyone.

Wouldn't you like to know what Joe or Jane Six-Pack has to say about your favorite (or least favorite!) TV show?  The FCC receives lots of comments about popular shows,
some insightful, some hilarious, some horrifying. Some of these complaints have been among the most popular items right here on Intrigued? Maybe just a little bit? An easy to use fill-in form here helps you create requests that will get these FCC letters on your favorite shows yourself:

Did your Grandpa Joe run a gambling ring?  Did Aunt Mary ever lead an antiwar protest?  Did Cousin Gary smuggle booze during prohibition?  Was Great-Uncle Fred a communist organizer?  Find out now by ordering a copy of their FBI files and learn a bit more about your family history.  An easy to use fill-in form helps you create FOIA request letters.

Get Grandpa’s FBI File

Do you have an FBI file?  You might!  Many people do. helps you generate the letters you need to send to the FBI to get a copy of your own FBI file and your files from other "three-letter agencies" (CIA, NSA, DIA, ...) too.

Get My FBI File

The talk on FOIA presented at the Next HOPE Conference, New York City, July 2014: A Beautiful Mosaic: How to Use FOIA to Fight Secrecy, Explore History, and Strengthen American Democracy Video File of Presentation, MP4, 185 MB
Video file of Presentation: MP4, 180 MB
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The talk on FOIA presented at the Next HOPE Conference, New York City, July 2010: Rummaging in the Government's Attic: Lessons Learned from More Than 1,000 Freedom of Information Act Requests,
Slides from presentation:
PDF file, PDF 2.7 MB
Video file of Presentation: MP4, 715 MB

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Audio file of presentation: MP3, 23.4 MB

Subject guide to thousands of publicly accessible FBI files - historic, notable, high-profile, or otherwise interesting cases (and their file numbers)  - with complete details for obtaining these files...
Secret No More

American University Washington College of Law - Collaboration on Government Secrecy
"non-partisan educational project devoted to openness in government, freedom of information, government transparency, and the study of "government secrecy" in the United States and internationally.

Russ Kick's The Memory Hole 2 web site is online "Rescuing Knowledge Freeing Information"
The Memory Hole 2

The newly launched sister site to The Memory Hole 2:

The National Security Archive FOIA Resources Page

Chuck Hansen's is about the SWORDS OF ARMAGEDDON History of the US Development of Nuclear Weapons - the first and only comprehensive illustrated history of the post-World War II design, development, and testing of U.S. nuclear weaponry available to the public - USCOLDWAR.COM

A very useful guidebook on FOIA:
Litigation: Under the Federal Open Government Laws, edited by Harry Hammitt

And the page which lists the above report:

Access Reports Freedom of Information, Access Reports Publications

The Department of Justice Guide to the Freedom of Information Act

FOIA Strategy and Tactics Presentation 2018




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